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Our Tacoma chiropractors have a reputation for the distinctive service it gives to all its chiropractic patients. The Tacoma chiropractor genuinely believes in the use of natural and holistic remedies, and continues to assist the community to maximum health without the use of medication and invasive surgeries. It is for this reason, our Tacoma chiropractors want to work with your entire family to deliver safe and effective results for years to come.

We've based our care methods on the assessment of the pain and dysfunction of each part of the body. After a tremendous amount of research, the Tacoma chiropractors have come up with the best chiropractic techniques for each patient's special needs. Every Tacoma chiropractor is proud to ensure the accurate diagnosis of your specific condition!

The Tacoma chiropractors have made it their life's goal to help other people recover and get back to normalcy through chiropractic care. Our Tacoma chiropractor aims to return patients to long-term health and wellness, not only getting rid of pain. To aim for excellent health and lifelong wellness through chiropractic care is what the Tacoma chiropractors strive for. At each clinic, you can expect the latest techniques and leading innovations, including nutritional counseling and guidance from the Tacoma chiropractor.

Our Tacoma chiropractor takes pride in the ability to meet each new patient's specific needs, and in exceeding their every expectation. Whether it's information about chiropractic you need, or you want an appointment with one of the Tacoma chiropractors you can call us and we will gladly answer. The Tacoma chiropractor is ready to get you started!

Welcome From Dr. Danan Bakke
Dr. Danan Bakke

Our goal is to help you recover and improve your health using tests that localize on your particular spinal problem. Dr. Danan, and Dr. Lee specialize in automobile injury rehabilitation, work injuries and help with the following: arm pain, chronic pain, back pain, headaches, spinal injury...

The History and Advancement of Chiropractic: The Foundation of the Preparation of Chiropractic Physicians
Chiropractic care goes back a long time ago. Greek and Chinese writings, going back to 2700 B.C. and 1500 B.C., noted spinal adjustments and the treatment of lower extremities to reduce pain of the...
Factors that Can Lead To Upper Spine Aches and Holistic Care that Might Be Helpful
Your cervical spine, commonly referred to as your neck, is made up of seven vertebrae. Your ?neck? begins at the base of your skull. Your neck is what holds your head upright, which actually weighs...
Identifying Subluxations in your Vertebrae as well as Understanding Therapy Options
Chiropractic doctors use the term "subluxation" to refer to a vertebral dislocation that often results in functional loss. The chiropractor locates the spot in which to perform spinal adjustments...

While training in a firefighter program, I injured my back while trying to hoist a 50 foot ladder. I was concerned that I would not be able to continue my training and would...

- M.B., Firefighter/Paramedic
More Tacoma Chiropractic Testimonials

I saw Dr. Danan Bakke because I was having chronic lower back weakness. I would simply step off a curb and my back would freeze up and spasm with intense pain. Dr. Danan took...

I saw Dr. Danan Bakke because I was having chronic lower back weakness. I would simply step off a curb and my back would freeze up and spasm with intense pain. Dr. Danan took...

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